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Why bother reinventing the wheel!

We always find that reinventing the wheel is not the best way of doing things. Especially when something can be duplicated.

For example, when something comes into our factory looking like this.

We simply reuse the original dimensions and send it back looking like this.

Indrotech design and manufacture an extensive range of industrial fans from dust and fume control to high-temperature recirculation and exhaust applications.

We specialise in custom designed and engineered assemblies to your requirements. Indrotech designs and manufactures a wide range of heavy duty industrial centrifugal fans and ensures they perform to customers’ specifications.

We also repair, fix, remake and replace fans and impellers. More Industrial Fans Knowledge

Quality guaranteed Certificate of Balance upon request.

Dynamic Balancing of high speed rotating components increases bearing life, achieves smoother running conditions, increases service life and enhances the quality of the finished product.

To ensure quality workmanship, Indrotech periodically service and calibrate all balancing machines to continue to provide optimal productivity, accuracy and reliability.

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