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Military Driveshaft

Military Driveshafts / Army Truck Tailshafts

From our manufacturing plant in Hallam, we can design, assemble and dynamically balance any Military tailshaft assembly. We have a comprehensive range of equipment and fixtures including multiple Schenck soft bearing and hard bearing Balancing machines.

Military driveshafts

We recently helped solve a problem in the military industry. We took a call from a distraught Victorian military vehicle manufacturer whose driveshaft supplier had let them down. They had delivered a batch of newly manufactured driveshafts having massive vibrations. These driveshafts were part of the manufacture of the Hawkei, a light Four-wheel drive protected mobility vehicle designed to meet an Australian Defence Force (ADF) requirement for a light armoured patrol vehicle.

Military Tailshafts made in Melbourne

They asked us for help

We were asked to help identify the reasons for these vibrations in the tailshafts. It was clear that the shafts were poorly manufactured! This included excessive run out in all the components, bent tube and the very light duty centre bearings that were fitted.

Australian standards

The original supplier was an overseas company that was handed the contract. It was evident that they did not comply to the Australian Standards. It was an honour for us to be asked to help rectify the problem and be a part of manufacturing this great vehicle. We identified the key issues and rectified them through our processes and procedures. This included straightening the shaft sets and dynamically balance to very tight tolerances. This was done as assemblies rather than individually, once again exceeding the Australian standards of balancing. See more about 3-piece driveshaft balancing here…

Military Driveshaft Balancing

The Hawkei fleet

The driveshafts were a component of a major fleet being manufactured in Victoria. All driveshafts now are correctly balanced and are sitting under the Hawkei vehicles.

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