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Indrotech Industrial Fans Balancing Driveshafts

What do you think this might be?

At Indrotech we come across a wide range of things in our day to day activity. Here’s something that we came across I wonder if you can work out what it is.

Well it was a truck driveshaft

It’s a piece of 120 x 6mm thick truck tailshaft tube. The operator applied just a bit too much take off power and caused this.

Pretty amazing how it held together and twisted like that.

Twisted truck driveshaft

Click to get a better view

What do you think this may be

Indrotech is Victoria’s premium driveshaft, driveline and tailshaft supplier.

We are specialists in the manufacture, repair and balance of all makes of commercial and automotive driveshafts/tailshafts.

For the reliability of an Indrotech driveline product, just ask for your competitive quote on 1300 085 535.

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