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What a wonderful feature

Dynamically balancing a closed face rotor is pretty straight forward when it comes to the theory behind it. You have a full 360-degree area to correct from in 2 planes for instance; a flywheel or a wide roller. Things tend to get more complex when an item does not have a full disc, to make that correction, but rather a number of equal or unequal components around an axis that form a diameter such as a bi or tri-lobe rotor.

Back in the day, when machines were not as clever as today’s, to determine the position of a balance weight that sat mid-air between these components was tedious. Generally, the correction points on these units sit mid-air between the lobes never on a lobe. To attach that problem, you had two options. You either guess what portion of the total weight goes on one lobe and the remaining on the next one, or you do it properly with vector diagrams, trigonometry and calculations…

Today, technology has advanced so much that the machine solves all those calculations for you. Our CAB690 Schenck measuring unit is brilliant in doing this; provided the operator enters the right information. The operator tells the machine how many components or lobes there are on each plane, what angle they sit on and where our zero position is in relation to the first lobe. It’s as easy as that…

So all we need to do is concentrate on balancing and bring up the ‘green flags’ to tell us we have reached our tolerance.

What a wonderful feature…

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