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H4 Driveshaft balancing machine – Major upgrade of the CAB 920

Jul 2, 2020

H4 Driveshaft balancing machine

Our 4-plane driveshaft balancing machine has now been upgraded with the CAB 920 measuring unit. The CAB 920 of which is an upgrade of Schenck’s much-maligned CAB 940. The CAB 940 was never really appreciated in the industry, fortunately for us it served us unconditionally for 15 years without a hiccup. Even though Schenck mentioned it was one of their biggest disappointments we found it to be an absolute gem! Something that truly perplexed Schenck.

The CAB 920 Measuring Unit

The new CAB 920 is an innovative further development of the legendary CAN measurement systems from Schenck. The power of “Computer Aided Balancing” has been further improved by the CAB 920 and opened up access to a broader application spectrum. With its modern operating concept, it has set new standards in balancing. Simple and secure handling of complex processes and procedures are at the heart of our development. Fault avoidance, process acceleration and a significant increase in the quality of the balancing – these are all available to you with the CAB 920. Simple operation is the key to more security.

The H-4 Driveshaft balancing machine

The H4 Driveshaft balancing machine has a 4-plane balancing ability and has been set up with the hardware of which we have had forever. Let’s see the CAB 920 in action

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