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Mixed Flow Impeller Duplication

Oct 29, 2017

Mixed Flow Impeller Duplication

Mixed Flow

Upon the customer requesting a duplicate of this impeller of which we balanced at the end of the year as a routine yearly maintenance. The original impeller was badly corroded even though it was of stainless steel.

The Challenge

The challenge was to duplicate the blade profile without having the suitable tool. This tool would typically press it and stamp it out. As we understand, the number, pitch and profile of each blade needed to be perfect in order for the impeller to perform in its running condition. Nevertheless, we managed to emulate this profile with our special tooling and expertise of which we have acquired over the years of impeller and blade construction.

Intricate operation

As you can see this was a very intricate operation. Each blade had a number of curves that had been designed for a specific flow.

Happy to say that it now is installed and performing perfectly.
They say that if you broaden your environment then you will broaden your mind. It’s so true, because now we have a larger factory we also have a larger capacity.

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