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Split Cooling Impeller

Mar 29, 2021

Split Cooling Impeller

Split Type Cooling Impellers

How can we solve the issue of cooling a gearbox down when you can’t move the existing assembly?
The answer is with a Split Cooling Impeller
A split cooling impeller is a way of getting around the problem of having no space to work within. Often working within equipment such as large drive units and gearboxes we create an impeller that can be split and then installed on site to fit around the existing assembly. In doing this we can remove the old impeller and replace it with a newly manufactured one. This unique design results in substantial time and cost savings onsite.

Split Cooling Impeller

How it is done.

How it is done.
All measurements are taken on site. We then commence design and manufacture. The impeller is constructed as follows:

  1. The hub is machined to size, keyed and then split along the centreline. The two halves are then tacked together for manufacturing purposes.
  2. The impeller is then constructed around the hub split where 2 opposing sets of blades act as joiners to bring the two impeller halves together once manufactured. These are held together with high tensile bolts.
  3. The impeller back plate is then in turn cut along the same centreline as the hub to form two independent identical pieces.
  4. The tacks that hold the hub together are then broken; this allows the impeller to slit in 2 equal halves when the bolts from the blades are removed.

Once construction has been competed, we the dynamically balance the impeller to a very tight tolerance exceeding the ISO Standard. The reason being, that once the impeller is separated for fitment on site, we lose the tolerance but are certain we are within the ISO when re-assembled. Cowls and guarding can be designed to suit each individual requirement, these too are typically made in a similar split design.

The parts are then perfectly put together fitting around the machinery. The fans also have the added advantage of being bi-directional.

Delivered and installed.

Here we have created a split cooling fan for a leading bearing supply manufacturer. Once again manufactured with radial blades, balanced perfectly then put together so perfectly. Without having to move any existing machinery.

Centrifugal Impellers

Axial impellers rely on the gap between the blade OD to the open duct ID to move the air. Centrifugal impellers rely on the air being sucked through the centre of the impeller (the inlet). Then disperses over its coned back plate and blades out through the cowl back opening. The cowl in this gearbox situation has an opening in the centre to draw air in.

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