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2 Metre Diameter Impellers

Mar 30, 2020

2 Metre Diameter Impellers

As we have moved into the new factory we are ready and have been taking on larger projects. And this is how we do it.

Larger workshop

Our new factory is near 3 times the size of our old one. This gives us the opportunity to further expand our operation. This capacity has allowed us to add a few extra things.

Larger workstations to make Larger Fans

So, we have introduced another fan table to our operation. This table has increased our capacity by double. It has allowed us to be able to manufacture up to 1800mm (or 6ft) diameter fans. This means that we can take on more of the applications in the mining, dust control, and clean air extraction industries that we have been servicing for so long.

Balancing machine rejigged to take on the larger fans – 2-meter diameter Impellers

As we talked about last time we’ve modified our 3T H4 balancing machine, for a larger capacity. We are now set up to do the bigger 2-meter diameter Impellers. These custom-made impellers, as you can see, were no problem for us to balance. We couldn’t do this in the past but now we can; comfortably and safely.

Increased transport capacity

To top it off we have upgraded our transport to a 6-pallet tray. Our little 10-year-old tray had done so much work but unfortunately, it now can’t keep up with today’s demands. We had to trade her in. This means that our free pickup and delivery service has just moved to a new level with our new upgrade.

They say that if you broaden your environment then you will broaden your mind. It’s so true, because now we have a larger factory we also have a larger capacity.

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