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Air Control For Food Manufacturing Melbourne

Mar 29, 2020

Air Control For Food Manufacturing Melbourne

Butterfly valve – For Air Control

Air Control Food Manufacturing Melbourne. Due to the diverse range of industries we work in, we have come across another interesting element of an airflow system. This time it is what we call a butterfly valve. To explain, a butterfly valve is a valve consisting of a rotating circular plate, attached to a transverse spindle and mounted inside a fabricated tube to regulate flow. It is often used in manufacturing plants that need a regulated airflow. In this case, it is a new installation for a major food manufacturing plant in Melbourne.

The Valve

The valve sits in the main artery of a process in a bakery manufacturing plant. It plays an important role controlling the flow of air to product mixture. All controlled remotely from the duct itself and is constructed of high food grade stainless steel.

Remote controlled

A valve which is in a fully gated remote area can be controlled externally with a leaver (pictured above). The connection between the lever and the valve is with a solid stainless-steel shaft connected to an end yoke and universal joint on both ends of the shaft. This way the air to product mixture can be accurately controlled.

This process controls the ration of air to product. Thus, the bread is manufactured and baked perfectly to the recipe design.
They say that if you broaden your environment then you will broaden your mind. It’s so true, because now we have a larger factory we also have a larger capacity.

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