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The Industrial Rotational Technology Specialists

Dynamic / Static Industrial Balancing

Indrotech offer Dynamic and Static Industrial Balancing Services to a wide range of industries in Melbourne. Working on a single plane or two plane balancing process we typically exceed a tighter tolerance to the ISO Standard.

We currently operate multiple Hard Bearing Industrial Balancing machines. Ranging from a miniature H10 to a 3 Tonne H4 machine that will cover rotors up to 2500mm in diameter and 3 meters in length.

All machines are connected to the latest Schenck technology. This assures the highest quality possible. We also supply a ‘real time’ Certificate of Balance report upon request.

We service these industries:

  • Industrial Fan Manufacturers
  • Power generation
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Printing rollers and drums
  • Steel mills
  • Motor repairers
  • Automotive and trucking
  • Electric Motor Rewinders
  • Food processing
  • Agricultural
  • High pressure pump rotors
  • And all other high speed rotating components

Increased capacity

To increase our capacity for industrial dynamic balancing Indrotech Pty Ltd is proud to announce their new addition to their Industrial Balancing facility. A Schenck H20 hard bearing balancing machine backed up with a CAB 820 measuring unit.

Large pulley balancing

Balancing large pulleys. I never thought that a pulley could be this big. Weighing in at 1.2 tonne and a whopping 1.8 metres long and a diameter of 600 millimetres. It obviously drives a massive belt. We balanced it to G2.5mm/sec with a residual of approximately 20 grams. It’s always encouraging to see units like this still being manufactured locally and used in Australian Industry.

Propeller balancing

Boat propeller balancing. Variety is one of the many interesting things about what we do. We recently did a boat propeller balancing job for Matthew Hunt the son of Victoria’s famous fishing expert Rex.

Dynamic balancing

Dynamically balancing a closed face rotor is pretty straight forward when it comes to the theory behind it. You have a full 360-degree area to correct from in 2 planes for instance; a flywheel or a wide roller. Things tend to get more complex when an item does not have a full disc, to make that correction, but rather a number of equal or unequal components around an axis that form a diameter such as a bi or trilobe rotor.

Hard bearing an soft bearing balancing

The relationship between types of balancing machines and the standard it follows. There is confusion between the operational characteristics of these 2 types of machines, the Hard Bearing and Soft Bearing balancing, in relation to the RPM listed on the ISO Standard.

More capacity

With the advent of the new factory, we have increased our capacity which has allowed us to purchase another balancing machine. This time it is a Schenck CAB 820 Balancing Machine. This little beauty is designed for the little rotors like very high-speed tool heads that are under 16kg.

Thrasher balancing

Balancing farm equipment the Thresher. A day in the life of the balancing machine! First up – The Thresher, workhorse of farm equipment, like all rotational equipment if it is out of balance it won’t operate at optimum capacity. The damaged metal fingers get replaced and after a short crane ride, it’s ready to go back on the farm.

Large diameter balancing

2-metre diameter Impellers. Balancing machine rejigged to take on the larger fans – As we talked about last time we’ve modified our 3T H4 balancing machine, for a larger capacity.

Quality guaranteed, Certificate of Balance upon request.

Dynamic Balancing of high speed rotating components increases bearing life, achieves smoother running conditions, increases service life and enhances the quality of the finished product.

To ensure quality workmanship, Indrotech periodically service and calibrate all balancing machines to continue to provide optimal productivity, accuracy and reliability.

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