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A Truly Reversible Axial Recirculating Impeller

Truly reversible axial recirculating oven plug fan.

This is an industrial oven fan that was designed to create a reversible airflow. Its job is to regulate an even flow to ensure that the temperature inside the oven is at its optimum.

Testing the fan

Upon completion, my aim was to test run it to make sure the impeller worked. As I suspected, it worked perfectly rotating in one direction and when reversed worked just as good. What this means is that the impeller gave exactly 100% of its airflow. Whether it’s rotating one way or the other in the desired direction. Now it sits in an Industrial Oven recirculating hot air in either direction. Thus maintaining a constant airflow and temperature. All without the need for 2 fans to alter the direction of the air.

The setting up of the truly reversible axial recirculating oven plug fan.

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