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The Industrial Rotational Technology Specialists

Heavy duty purpose designed & built Industrial fans

Manufactured in Australia

Industrial Fans

Indrotech custom design and manufacture an extensive range of industrial fans and blowers. Everything from a simple clean air fan to a high temperature recirc assembly.

We specialise in engineering assemblies and systems to your requirements. With extensive experience and exposure within the fan industry, Indrotech delivers a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective. Everything is designed and proudly manufactured in our new Melbourne facility.

Indrotech offer a full range of services including:

  • Design and manufacture
  • Onsite service and installation
  • Scheduled maintenance, dynamic balancing
  • Testing and repair of all industrial air moving equipment
  • Manufactured in: Mild Steel, 304/316, Stainless Steel, Bisalloy, SAF, Incoloy and Aluminum

Our aim is to identify areas of concern and tackle issues before they cause costly downtime.

Indrotech designs and manufactures a wide range of heavy duty industrial centrifugal fans and ensures they perform to customers’ specifications.

Industrial Fans Knowledge

At Indrotech our main purpose is to keep industry moving. When something breaks down industry stops, fortunately, we are here to help fix the issue and get the industry back and on the move. Over the year we have come across many issues that our customers have faced.

We have manufactured a lot of different types and sizes of industrial fans such as:

This high pressure blower This little beauty. This sits in a research facility exhausting carbon fibre fumes.

What-a-monster in the industrial balancing world where we revived this failed, old and tired 60″ diameter double width Richardson fan assembly. This unit would be around 35 to 40 years old.

We have repaired fans such as in this case instead of the duplication of a damaged Industrial Fan where we simply thought to ourselves why bother reinventing the wheel.

We have designed fans for many industries as in this case an Industrial furnace fans and industrial oven fans that we designed from scratch for a local furnace company. As a part of our designing procedure, we will first look at what our customer wants to achieve. We will then work with them to design the right application. Recently a customer came to us with a situation that needed a bit more thought.

Gearbox cooling mining industry radial blade impeller fans This 1000kW gearbox was working hard in a dusty mining application. The first thing we looked at was what type of fan that was being used to cool it down.

With over 20 years of experience as an Industrial Fans Supplier, Manufacturer & Repairer, we deliver a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective. Indrotech design in-house an extensive range of fans from dust and fume control to high-temperature recirculation and exhaust applications.

We specialise in custom designed and engineered assemblies to your requirements. Click here to look at a gallery of some of our work.

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