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One good turn deserves another

Jul 22, 2020

Remember the story we did not so long ago about the Schenck CAB 920? Well, there’s an interesting update. A few weeks ago, we had an issue with the software, this is normal as things often go wrong with any software. This could be devastating to us as it is downtime. The worrying thing was that due to Schenck being an international company with machines all over the world the turnaround time for repair and fault finding can sometimes take up to a couple of weeks.


Downtime can hurt any business.

Knowing the impact to our business of downtime, I got on the phone to the Australian Schenck office and asked what we need to do. The usual process would be to submit a ticket and wait in line to be serviced. The Australian manager said that he will talk to Germany to see what they can do. I was a bit concerned as we didn’t know what the problem was, and 2 weeks of downtime would really hurt our customers’ orders.


Remote access and diagnostic.

At about 6pm I was about to pack up when I received a phone call. It was the Schenck head office in Germany asking about the issue that I had just reported only 2 hours earlier. I walked down to the machine and they were already remotely accessing the software to run a diagnostic on the issue. The inspection found that it was indeed an easy fix that was done within 20 minutes. So, by 6.30 the machine was back to normal and ready to go for the next day’s schedule.


Schenck’s Speedy response

I was shocked at how fast they rectified my service ticket whilst I was still on the phone to Germany. I asked why they acted so fast when normally it could take up to 2 weeks and their response astounded me.  They said that they had come across the story that we had written and posted online and were so pleased with what we had said about their product that they wanted to thank us.


You never know who is watching.

Just goes to show that in this current time everyone appreciates the simple niceties that we all can offer. Schenck really appreciated the promotion and goodwill that we had given, and we certainly appreciated the quick service that we got in response. Also, when you post something online you never know who will see it.


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