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The Industrial Rotational Technology Specialists

We’re pumped!

At Indrotech we love a challenge

We were approached last month by a customer seeking an alternative to the hydraulic arrangement in their mobile water pump system which would be more cost effective to run.

Our design team set out to create a robust system which had to be a long lasting efficient solution and of course the focus was on reducing the ongoing running costs.

Our solution was to produce a mechanical system comprising a 2 piece drive shaft assembly operated by a pulley drive system mounted on its own shafts with industrial pillow block bearings. The team also provided an innovative solution to the noise factor, which was achieved by selecting the correcting belt drive system which included the correct profile to transmit the power.

The customer provided us the design parameters to work from and our technical engineers tailored the system to fit. Cross members were fabricated for the bearings supports to mount on.

The customer was delighted with this new solution which offered both minimal ongoing maintenance and a cost benefit to boot.

This is why we get out of bed in the mornings! (Well, that and coffee).

Quality guaranteed, Certificate of Balance upon request.

Dynamic Balancing of high speed rotating components increases bearing life, achieves smoother running conditions, increases service life and enhances the quality of the finished product.

To ensure quality workmanship, Indrotech periodically service and calibrate all balancing machines to continue to provide optimal productivity, accuracy and reliability.

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