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Schenck CAB 820 measuring unit

Jun 16, 2020

At Indrotech we always try to keep ahead of the industries that we are in. One of the ways we do this is by investing in the most efficient and up to date machinery. We have recently given our industrial balancing capacity a facelift with the introduction of new equipment. In the coming weeks we will be introducing you to some of the enhancements to our workshop. This week I want to talk about the upgrade to the H4 industrial balancing machine with the Schenck CAB 820 measuring unit.

The CAB 820

The Schenck CAB 820 measuring unit gives us the ability to have the latest technology in the balancing industry. It has high tech digital processing of measured data for high accuracy as well as numerous software modules for universal and special balancing jobs.

Accurate Programming

The software behind the CAB 820 is a lot more forgiving than the previous Schenck models. To be precise it is more like the CAB 690 in its simplicity and its accuracy. No bells and whistles it’s a straight balancing program that does the job you want it to do.

More capacity and perfection

The best thing about this upgrade to the H4 industrial balancing machine is that it allows Indrotech to be more accurate in producing the perfect balancing required for your balancing needs.  As usual we supply each job with its balancing reports but instead of wasting paper printing them out, we email them directly to you. How’s that for technological advancements.

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