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Industrial Fan Projects Are Getting Larger

Mar 29, 2020

Our industry is changing and it’s to do with size.

It is evident from our experience that we are finding that the industrial fan projects are getting larger. There is a need for larger fans. With this we too must adjust our operations to suit this change.

Bigger fans? We are listening.

To keep up with the change we have increased our operation to a whole new level. We’ve had modified one of the balancing machines, for a larger capacity. We are now set up to do the bigger 2-metre diameter fans.

So, when the request for these larger fans came in we were ready to go. The impellers are made to order and as you can see it was no problem for us to get them done. Here they are with a whopping 1.8 metre impeller.

They say that if you broaden your environment then you will broaden your mind. It’s so true, because now we have a larger factory we also have a larger capacity.

With over a decade of experience as an Industrial Fans Supplier, Manufacturer & Repair. We deliver a solution that is both efficient and cost effective. Indrotech Melbourne design in-house an extensive range of industrial fans. From dust and fume control to high-temperature recirculation and exhaust applications.

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