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The Industrial Rotational Technology Specialists

Commercial and Automotive Driveshafts

and  Tailshafts

Indrotech is Melbourne’s premium Truck, Car and High-Performance Tailshaft manufacturer and repairer. Originally known as Precision Driveline, we have evolved in the past 15 years to a reputable and reliable source in Melbourne’s tailshaft industry.

From our manufacturing plant in Hallam, we can design, assemble and dynamically balance any tailshaft assembly. We have a comprehensive range of equipment and fixtures including multiple Schenck hard bearing Balancing machines. Our capacity ranges from a simple short couple PTO shaft to a complex 4 piece assembly of which is balanced as a complete unit. Our High-Performance tailshafts range from a single piece unit to a two-piece assembly that will handle up to 1200HP.

Our customers are drawn from a diverse range of industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Truck
  • Marine
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Timber & Logging
  • High Performance
  • Environmental Waste
  • Mining
  • Paper Mills and many more…

Indrotech has been a supplier of industrial heavy duty Driveshafts for many years. 

Twisted driveshaft. This is a prime example of what happens to a driveshaft when excessive torque is applied. It is common that the universal joint won’t fail even though it is the weakest link. Instead, the tube will twist sometimes tearing apart other times not. This can happen when a 4WD is climbing up a hill or the driver has accelerated too fast.

Things to look for before you modify your 4WD. When it comes to getting the best out of your 4X4 the idea of modifying the vehicle comes to mind. But there are things to look for before you do anything.

Problematic driveshaft. The fault either comes from neglect to service it, normal wear and tear and believe it or not, even as new from the Original Manufacturer. This fault creates a massive vibration causing failure to the shaft components like; universal joints, centre bearings and even the driveshaft itself. That’s why we always stress that shafts need to run geometrically true to avoid this from happening.

Ford and Holden two-piece driveshaft repairing. Indrotech is finding that there are more and more Ford and Holden two piece shafts that require centre bearing changes. If you feel a vibration through your drive train, it’s most probably a failed centre bearing.

3 piece driveshaft balancing. What is the best way to balance a 3 piece driveshaft? Fully assembled driveshaft balancing.

We’re pumped. We were approached last month by a customer seeking an alternative to the hydraulic arrangement in their mobile water pump system which would be more cost-effective to run.

Quality guaranteed, Certificate of Balance upon request.

We offer a same day repair and balance service to get you back on track without costly downtime. Call 03 9796 5444 to book your job in today. Free pick-up and delivery for Melbourne metro customers.


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