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The relationship between types of balancing machines and the standard it follows.


Hard Bearing Machine

There is confusion between the operational characteristics of these 2 types of machines, the Hard Bearing and Soft Bearing, in relation to the RPM listed on the ISO Standard. Read More…

Butterfly valve – Air control for food manufacturing

Air control in food manufacturing

Due to the diverse range of industries we work in, we have come across another interesting element of an airflow system. This time it is what we call a butterfly valve. Read More…

What is the best way to balance a 3 piece driveshaft?


Fully assembled driveshaft balancing. Most people think that the only way to balance a driveshaft is piece by piece. At Indrotech we believe that you can only get the right balance when the driveshaft is fully assembled. Watch this video to see what we mean.

Dynamic balancing of a closed face rotor


Back in the day, when machines were not as clever as today’s, to determine the position of a balance weight that sat mid-air between these components was tedious. Generally, the correction points on these units sit mid-air between the lobes never on a lobe. Read More…

Cladded industrial fans

cladded industrial fans

As a part of our designing procedure, we will first look at what our customer wants to achieve. We will then work with them to design the right application. Recently a customer came to us with a situation that needed a bit more thought. Read more…

Impeller back to its original state

Low noise motor fan balanced

This is known as a low noise motor cooling fan of which I have seen plenty of in the field and their use by date is slowly coming expiring. However, we can easily identify these low noise impellers to reconstruct. Read More…

What’s the best way to keep your customers happy?

Industrial Fans Indrotech

That was the question that Indrotech has been trying to answer for years now. And the answer was staring them right in the face. Read More…

Another Monster!


Remember not so long ago we told you about an old and tiered 60“ diameter double width Richardson fan assembly. Well, after we did what we had to do to get it back on site, our client called and said “I think we have another one”. Read More…

Gearbox Cooling – 30-inch radial blade cooling impeller for a 1000kW gearbox


At Indrotech we love a challenge, and recently we were given one that was right up our alley. This involved an industrial gearbox that had failed bearing due to overheating. Read more

You little Beauty!!!

6 "high pressure fan

We’ve had a monster  before, but this time it’s a little beauty. This sits in a research facility exhausting carbon fibre fumes. Read more

Why bother reinventing the wheel!
Impeller repair Melbourne
Why bother reinventing the wheel! We always find that reinventing the wheel is not the best way of doing things.

Read more.

Twisted Driveshaft


This is a prime example of what happens to a driveshaft when excessive torque is applied. Read more…

Big Sucker!!

Indrotech Dyno Exhaust fan

Our good friends at Hallam Performance needed our input to exhaust fumes from their chassis dyno section in their workshop. It’s quite obvious what happens when there is no exhaust fan in this type of environment. Read more

What a monster!!!

Indrotech What a monster

It was truly an honour to be elected in the revival of this failed, old and tired 60″ diameter double width Richardson fan assembly. Read more…

What do you think this might be?

What do you think this may be

Read more…

Mixed Flow
mixed-flow-impeller-duplication end result
Upon the customer requesting a duplicate of this impeller of which we balanced at the end of the year as a routine yearly maintenance. The original impeller was badly corroded even though it was of stainless steel.

Read more.

Ford and Holden two piece shaft bearing change
Indrotech is finding that there are more and more Ford and Holden two piece shafts that require centre bearing changes.If

Read more.

That’s Pulleying its weight!

Balancing a Large Pulley

Balancing large pulleys. I never thought that a pulley could be this big. Read more…

Things to look for before you modify your 4WD.


When it comes to getting the best out of your 4WD the idea of modifying the vehicle comes to mind. Especially when you need it to perform its best in rough terrain. Read more…

Modifying your 4WD
Deciding to modify your 4WD
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Industrial and commercial Driveshaft balancing
A Bumpy ride
At Indrotech we feel it our duty to educate the industry on what faults we look for on a problematic
Read more.
Ford and Holden two piece shaft bearing change
Indrotech is finding that there are more and more Ford and Holden two piece shafts that require centre bearing changes.
Read more.
Truly Reversible Axial Furnace Plug Belt Drive Fan
A Truly Reversible Axial Recirculating Impeller
Now the completed product. Upon completion, my aim was to test run it to make sure the impeller worked. As
Read more.
Schenck H20 hard bearing balancing
Indrotech Pty Ltd is proud to announce their new addition to their Industrial Balancing facility; a Schenck H20 hard bearing
Read more.
A Blowing Success
Foundries are generally inhospitable environments. Indrotech were approached by Geelong based foundry IXL Metal Castings to design a solution to
Read more.
We’re pumped!
At Indrotech we love a challenge We were approached last month by a customer seeking an alternative to the hydraulic
Read more.
Industrial dynamic balancing of a thrasher
It’s a matter of balance
A day in the life of the balancing machine! First up – The Thresher, workhorse of farm equipment, like all
Read more.

Our Core Services

Customisation, fabrication and repair.
On-site consulting on all rotation technologies.
Design, manufacture & repair the complete range of industrial fans.
Design, manufacture and repair commercial, industrial driveshafts and automotive tailshaft assemblies.
Perform industrial dynamic balancing processes for all high speed rotating components.

Installation, Maintenance & Project Management

Indrotech provide Installation, Maintenance and Project Management services that includes expert technicians on hand to install components for smooth and trouble free operation; repairs on mechanical breakdowns as well as regular maintenance checks to prevent potential mechanical failure; and end to end project management solutions from concept stage to fully operational.

Quality Assurance & Warranty

Indrotech actively maintains and applies an effective Quality Management System based on the Australian and International Standards AS/NZS ISO 9002:1994. Customers can be confident that all projects regardless of size have the same emphasis on quality output and are backed by our standard warranty.

Indrotech Pty Ltd warrants to the original purchaser that all driveshaft components, assemblies and manufactured assemblies purchased from the company will be free of defects in workmanship and materials subject to some conditions.

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